Wes “MoSkyWalkin”

Studio Owner

“ I am the owner /founder of Skylight Studios . I have been engineering now for 8+ Years . At this point in my Career I am looking to Create some of the worlds most unique and influential art . Through music , photography , film and more we can change the world for the better . I want to work with the most creative individuals to make this dream a reality.

Michael Perez

Jarrell Bradley

After attending Hampton University and obtaining his bachelor’s degree in cello

performance, Jarrell continued his creative arts education at American University.

He graduated with his master’s in audio technology in 2018.

Jarrell’s enthusiasm and dedicated work ethic resulted in being a professional

member of the Recording Academy. He also has recording, mixing and mastering

credits on several bodies of work including Nebbuchadnezzar and Still I Rise.

Jarrell’s extensive work with programming synthesizers and complex technical

audio design, has made him a skilled and reliable provider of large format sound

production and recording services. Jarrell also supplies sound supervisory services

for several well-established companies.

After more than 5 years in the music recording industry, Jarrell is comfortable in

elaborate studio environments and concert venues.